Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Making this up as I go along...

bubble art
solstice jellyfish
Originally uploaded by RoseBridger
Seasons greetings! This is some bubbles in a washed up milk bottle, that I put on the windowsill. It was the winter solstice, but picked up this light from somewhere. Its not had the colours enhanced. A few weeks ago I probably would not have even noticed it, never mind take a pic and put it online. Just over 3 months ago I started putting pics on Flickr. I like how it helps networking all around the world, whatever your interests are.

Now I've started this blog, I'm not sure what it will be but I've learned with webby stuff that the best thing to do is make a start and build up incrementally. Exploring the blogosphere, and looking at the work of the real web maestros, it seems the way to go is several interlinked websites for different purposes. Its amazing what you can do online, serious stuff and fun. The content management on sites like this seems easy to get the hang of, and mainly for free.

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