Friday, 23 January 2009

Mr & Mrs PRESIDENT! Obama

Mr & Mrs Obama on TV
Mr & Mrs Obama
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A great day for America and the world! So here I was watching the inauguration, having no idea about taking pics with artificial light, the flash bouncing off the telly, the strobing effect off the TV screen…

The only vaguely interesting pic was this one with Barack and Michelle Obama’s faces overlaid. But this ‘First Lady’ and ‘First family’ business, it’s just so royal family-esque. It only elevates Michelle Obama into a rather prescribed role, once the world’s press can see past her outfits. And for world leaders like PRESIDENT! Obama (HOORAY!!) it’s weird that they are expected to have their wives (or, too rarely, husbands) standing at their side, gazing at them adoringly. Usually, it’s only on your first day at school, and maybe still some old-fashioned business functions that you are seen to need the support/approval of a family member.

Not sure about choice of pastor Rick Warren…a divisive figure. But Aretha Frankin, great singing, and fantastic hat!


sp3ccylad said...
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sp3ccylad said...

You know what I like the most about that nice couple who moved into no 1600? Michelle and Barack's unforced and obvious affection for each other. It's a million miles away from the "stand by your man" faux-intimacy and coded pseudo-togetherness that is demanded by Beltway politics.

In fact, looking at the previous occupants of the White House, there hasn't been a couple like that since the Carters.

And it's cool to see someone else watches TV through a camera lens. I feel a bit less of a freak for knowing that.

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