Saturday, 7 February 2009

Twitter me not

twitter me not
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Got up, checked mobile phone and emails. There’s my new email address, plus still have to check the old one as I haven’t worked out how to move the addresses over. Then there’s one of many old Yahoo email address that I can’t remember, (or recall my password) because apparently that’s where the PIN has been sent for the conference call later on. Must check out friends’ escapades on Facebook, creative endeavours on Flickr, and some colourful doodles are coming in on MSN. Maybe today I’ll have another go at figuring out Skype. Don’t really like texting but evidently a lot of people do.

And now the devices are communicating with each other with emails on the mobile phone and faxes coming out of the toaster. I am starting to feel superfluous to my own life, and all the new gizmos don’t supersede more traditional communications so I still have to check my landline answerphone, read the post and tend to my carrier pigeons. It’s nearly 11am, and I haven’t actually done anything yet.

So, how about this Twitter lark? I’m sure its great fun, but Twitter me not. Unless there is an automated way to update Twitter with ‘Rose is sitting at the computer’ every five minutes (aren’t we all, really). That should cover it. So I started a Facebook support group for people whose lives aren’t interesting enough to go on Twitter and post updates every 5 minutes.

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