Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Camel milk chocolate

camel milk chocolateThe supply chain for food and ornamental plants for Dubai's population and tourists extends all over the world - seafood from Canada, Halal meat from China, pomegranates from Afghanistan, cut flowers from Ecuador and Colombia, indoor plants from Holland and mediterranean plants from Italy. The Gulf region has had varying success with attempts at increasing local food production with eye-poppingly energy and water guzzling schemes like wheat growing, shrimp farming and mass imports of cows from Australia. The locally produced flowers adorning Dubai's parks, hotels and offices are similarly ambitious and ecologically destructive, there are rose farms in the desert and millions of petunias that need watering.

But there could be a (relative, minor) outbreak of sanity in Dubai's food manufacturing with a new product where one of its main components is actually working with the desert conditions. Chocolate made with camels' milk is making its way to the shelves all around the world. It will be a very niche item as apparently only Dubai has the appropriate facilities to manufacture this premium product, and there are only two camel farms in the country. Other ingredients will come from around the world including honey from Yemen and vanilla from Madagascar.

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