One of the main joys of the internet is its abundance. I've got a blogroll list on this website, but its merely a tiny fragment of the wonderful information sources on the web. So for a links page here are some websites that I think deserve attention, non-mainstream media and in-depth reporting and analysis, plus issues and parts of the world that receive little attention here in the UK. No rehashed corporate press releases passed off as 'news', and no celebrity gossip! You can also subscribe to my Twitter list of News & Analysis sites (240 so far - the internet plays to my completionist tendencies!)

IPS - Inter Press Service - Reporting important news from around the world

Global Post - Independent, original reporting, filling the void in international reporting by mainstream US news organizations

The Intercept - Initially this is a platform to report on the documents previously provided by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. The long-term aim is to produce 'fearless, adversarial journalism across a wide range of issues' with guaranteed editorial independence. As its created byGlenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras and Jeremy Scahill I've no doubt The Intercept will achieve this.

TNI - Transnational Institute - Analysis of global issues from perspective of social movements

OneWorld News - An international NGO aiming to help people everywhere to understnad and act upon global problems, utilising innovative internet and mobile phone applications

Women News Network - Reporting on issues affecting women around the world

Open Democracy - A digital commons counterbalance to the corporate media, for global education and pluralist inclusion

IndyMedia - An international network of collective independent media outlets

Post Magazine - An open journalism project focused on social progress, environmental sustainability and digital freedom

Sarawak Report - Providing a platform for the people of Sarawak, who are among Malaysia's poorest inhabitants and are denied access to the state controlled media - Independent coverage of Australian and international politics, media and culture since 2004

The Sunday Leader - Sri Lanka newspaper, persevering 'unbowed and unafraid' with critical reporting

Radio Free Asia - Providing accurate news to Asian countries where a free press is prohibited

The Hoot - Critiquing the media in India and the wider subcontinent, striving for media ethics and press freedom

Down to Earth - Fortnightly magazine focussed on science and the environment, focussed on, but not limited to, India

InfoChangeIndia - Social, environmental and development issues in India - news and analysis

Video Volunteers - Videos made by marginalized communities in India

The Hoot - Critique of the media in India, working to preserve press freedom

Pacific Media Centre - Contributing to social, economic and and political development of the Asia- Pacific region with informed, diverse journalism

SNA Japan (Shingetsu New Agency) - Independence, Dedication, Fearlessness

Japan Focus - In depth critical analysis of the Asia-Pacific region, and movements for positive change

Thanh Nien - committed to progressive development and improving economic and social conditions, published by the Vietnam National Youth Federation

Cambodia Daily - Independent, non-profit newspaper contributing to the reconstruction and rehabilitation of Cambodia

LICADHO - Cambodian League for the Promotion and Defense of Human Rights

Haiti Support Group - Working for democracy and human rights in Haiti

Free West Papua - Campaigning for democracy and human right in West Papua, where foreign reporters are banned

Think Africa Press - In depth analysis covering politics, development issues and culture

Swazi Media Commentary - Human rights commentary from Africa's only remaining absolute monarchy

Yemen Times - Independent reporting since 1990, championing human rights and democratic values

Truthout - In depth reporting and investigative analysis, a non-profit organisation revealing systemic injustice

Oakland Institute - Research and analysis of the most pressing issues facing humanity, and underlying dynamics including trade agreements and land rights

SkyTruth - Promoting environmental awareness and protection with digital mapping and remote sensing technology. If we can see it we can change it.

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